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Textile Industries

Pakistan has the most modern & largest spinning industry in the world. Majority of yarn is spun on latest European (RIETER) and Japanese (TOYOTA, HOWA) plants. The 20/s and 30/s counts are known all over the world to be best. Pakistan is the largest exporter of cotton yarn in the world. Supplying roughly one third of global exports. With the ever changing fashion requirements Pakistan textile industry has also kept face by new developments. Mélange Yarns, Marl Yarn special treatments to yarns and coating are available now.

Apparel Industries

The fastest growing industry in Pakistan has shown a tremendous boom. The world has recognized this industry as a reliable, flexible & competitive big Brands like Timberland, CK, Chaps, Eddie Bauer, Sean John, Tommy Hilfiger, Haggar, Ecko UnLtd, Rocawear, Guess, Nike, Levi’s etc are getting the productions made here.

Large stores like Wal-Mart, K-Mart, JC-Penny, Target & Sears Roebuck etc, also get goods from Pakistan & sell them in these store worldwide.

Over nine million dozens of men’s / boys t-shirts are being exported to USA per year. All this is due to some very obvious facts:

  • Modern and latest machinery and hand ware enabling to bring the dreams of the designers into reality.

  • Highly qualified and experienced management enabling to control and manage all challenges in front of them.

  • Highly skilled labor enabling the requirement fulfilled with precision and ease.

  • Modern and latest facilities making communication/problem free.


Fashion industry is a very demanding industry when it comes to change and new developments Pakistan is fully equipped and at far with the latest fashion world some of the developments are:

  • Wrinkle free garments
  • Soil release garments
  • Stain free garments
  • Ever new look garments
  • Cool max & Tactel yarns
  • High performance yarn
  • Organic cotton
  • Antibacterial yarns
  • Lycra coated yarns
  • Water repellent finishes
  • Fire repellent finishes

Home / Office Furnishing Industries

The idea of having a great looking office or peaceful home will definitely bring you to us. Pakistan, has most modern plant producing high quality home furnishings for stores like, Federated, Target, JC Penny, Aldi, Tchibo, Edika, Wal-Mart, K-Mart etc. After the uplifting of quota constraints from the global market. Pakistan emerged as hot cake market for all the major American & European importers. Pakistan has a proud of producing all the needs of  the every demanding customers of America & Europe with regards to their home furnishing needs.

Other Value Added products

There is a wide range of other value added products Pakistan has to offer for their esteemed customers. A list of the offered products can be seen in our hard lines section. This includes, Sports goods, Salt Lamps, Cotton Bags, Plush Toys, Leather, Oranges etc. Pakistan is proud to produce all the requirements for the most demanding customers from North America and Europe wherever home furnishings are needed.



Home Textile


Yarn and Fabric

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